The aim of this project was to design both visuals and in motion pieces from the movie "Children of Men" by Alfonso Cuarón into an opening titles. We decided to recreate the most important scenes into Photoshop to deliver a new way of approaching the film.

Art director: Tiphaine Ruget
Style frames design: Terry Soleilhac
Storyboard: Tiphaine Ruget
Motion designer: Terry Soleilhac
Music: Fragments of Prayer by John Tavener

Synopsis: London 2027: The news of Diego's death, 18 years old, is shaking up a world affected by sterility. The youngest human being on the planet has just been murdered for refusing to give an autograph. The world is dying in progressive chaos. Suicide and denunciation are strongly encouraged by the government and war rages... Within this society in perdition, Theo, a disillusioned office worker, comes into contact with the Pisces, a small terrorist group that campaigns for immigrant rights. 
The latter entrusted him with a mysterious mission....​​​​​​​

Final styleframe ​​​​​​​

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